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Travis-Plumbing is here to help you with all your drain and sewer cleaning needs. Imagine not being able to use the bathroom at all, not a pleasant idea. Roots and other environmental conditions may damage or clog a sewer line. If this happens, it can quickly become a horrible experience as sewage water may back up into the basement or the home. If you notice that you have problems with slow flushing toilets or slow draining showers and sinks, it may be time to call Travis-Plumbing. We have 24-hour emergency service available when you need us.

Sewer and drain cleaning services

  • A clogged garbage disposal
  • Clogged dishwasher
  • Clogged tubs
  • Blocked sewer
  • Backed up toilets
  • Clogged shower drains
  • Clogged sinks
  • Clogged toilets
  • And many other services

Sewer line video inspection

At Travis-Plumbing, our qualified staff members use a Sewer Live Video Inspection. This will quickly inspect the inside of your pipelines without needing to make a mess. By using Sewer Live Video Inspection instead of having to check the pipes manually, it is possible to provide preventative maintenance where necessary. This helps you save money down the road.

Travis-Plumbing offers sewer line video for all homeowners, insurance companies, realtors, prospective homebuyers, and inspection personnel. Never agree to buy a home without running sewer line video first, this can save you a lot of trouble (and money) later on.

Having a routine drain and sewer cleaning will help remove any debris and waste before it becomes a problem. It is always better to be prepared than to have to call us in the middle of the night because you have issues with your drains.

Why it pays to choose Travis-Plumbing for your sewer repairs and sewer cleaning?

  • We provide a free sewer cleaning estimate over the phone
  • There are no hidden fees and no risks
  • We offer our sewer repair service within 1 to 2 hours (most cases)
  • We have fast, efficient, and friendly plumbers standing by 24/7
  • Travis-Plumbing has a reputation for quality work and professionalism

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