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There are a number of reasons that water leaks may be problematic, some major and some minor. Do you ever notice that your faucets are dripping even when you turn them as hard as you can? Now it is true, a single drop here or there is not going to cost you a lot of money, in fact, you may not even notice it on your utilities bill. However, even drops of water are going to add up in the end. If you leave a faucet to drip, you may find yourself wasting a hundred gallons of water at the end of the year. Now a few drops may not matter, but your wallet will certainly notice when you are paying for wasted gallons.

It may also lead to serious issues

Financial issues may be the least of the worries for homeowners. If left unrepaired, water leaks can lead to serious problems throughout the house. Having a leaking pipe or faucet could lead to water damage. Not only will this damage anything that it touches, but you may even damage the wood or the foundation in your home. Water leaks can lead to the development of mold and mildew; this may lead to serious health problems. So yes, even a small water leak may lead to large problems down the road.

Never let it go unchecked

Part of the problem is the fact that the leak that you see may be a small representation of what is going on in your walls or your pipes. What looks like a few drops here or there may be building up where you cannot see it. That is why you want to call the professionals at Travis-Plumbing. Our certified staff will do a complete house inspection and locate any possible problems. They make sure to repair any possible issues.

Our staff is not only qualified, they are thorough too. They check all water heaters, faucets, toilets, and pipes before they leave, just to make sure your water leak problems are resolved.

Five reasons can trust your water leaks to Travis-Plumbing

  • We have built a name on quality and professionalism
  • We provide courteous and qualified service staff 24/7
  • In most cases, we are at your doorstep within 1 to 2 hours
  • We do not bill you extra later, no hidden fees
  • Call us and explain your situation, we are glad to provide a free estimate over the phone

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